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Water-insoluble solids if pressed not more than 0. That led to a great deal of speculation, with police sources telling the media that the working theory was murder suicide — that Barry Sherman had killed his wife and then himself.

Publicly, police never made that statement. Sherman family and friends were outraged at this notion.

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The philanthropic billionaire could not possibly have killed his wife, they said, both because it would be completely out of character for Barry Sherman and because the nonathletic Sherman could not possibly have done it. The Shermans were both strangled with leather belts, then positioned, seated, with the other end of each belt looped around a pool railing, holding them upright.

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As the Star reported in January, their wrists were tied at some point, but the ropes or ties used were not found at the scene. Despite the visible evidence at the crime scene, documents filed in support of the first search warrants and production orders show that police believed that Honey Sherman alone was the victim of a crime. Information in this story comes from search warrant and production order documents. These are judicial authorizations issued by a judge or justice of the peace granting police the right to obtain information.

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Police provide a court with sometimes lengthy written reasons to justify a search, including information from witness interviews or the results of an earlier search. That section of the Criminal Code covers both first-degree premeditated and second-degree murder. Production orders are similar to search warrants, but they require a company or agency to produce information to the police.

Sherman investigation initially focused only on Barry’s wife Honey as a murder victim

These are typically used to obtain bank and phone records. Police had attended the first autopsy on the Shermans, which was carried out Dec. A second autopsy, conducted by a retired senior pathologist hired by the family, was done Dec. The Star has previously reported that it was the conclusion of the second pathologist, veteran Dr.

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David Chiasson, that helped police understand that both Shermans had been murdered. The next series of warrants — four in total — were granted by a judge on Jan. A document filed with the warrant, describing the investigation, reveals that police still considered the murder victim to be Honey Sherman, not Barry and Honey Sherman. These four warrants gave police access to information locked up by police in another storage locker, and three other locations not identified in the documents the Star obtained.