Questions to ask yourself before dating a girl

Thankfully, my wife has been very supportive because she knew this was the way I was wired from the beginning and it aligns with her core beliefs, as she enjoys change and pursuing things off the beaten path. Are you fitting and conforming to some abstract idea of what you think they want? Or are you blossoming and flourishing into who you really are? Is your partner trying to force you to become like some figment of their unrealistic dating imagination?

Or are they challenging you to become a better, authentic you?

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Not trying to change you, but trying to bring the best to the top. However, for many of us our fallback communication plan will be the one our parents laid out for us.

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Holidays, especially, are giving you a glimpse into how your partner has been taught and trained. Your partner can look and smell like a rose, and yet continue to prick you with their sharpened barbs.

Once you ask of these questions, you’ll be on your way to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend status.

Does your partner seek out ways to understand how you receive love and meet that need? Do you do the same? When someone loves from their strengths they know who they are and are drawing from a deep, full well to give to you without demanding a drink in return. Honestly, going into marriage with my wife I really struggled talking about money. I let money and the honest conversations about it become a wedge in my relationship. Conversations about money can be the great time bomb in a relationship.

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  • 5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Dating Someone Exclusively.

When you think about your future together, can you list three things that you think would be excruciating to let go? Identify what you feel are non-negotiables now so you can avoid any large, gaping ravines ahead.

Does religious faith play a role in your present and do you want faith to play a role in your future? What do you truly believe about how to live your life and what happens when you die?

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Date Someone New

Weighty questions, I know, but important ones. I really believe that if there are large differences in your faith now, those will only become bigger and more cumbersome as your relationship progresses. Especially when kids come into the equation. How will you raise them? What do you want them to believe? Like that yearbook from our awkward years, we all have things we hope our partner will never lay eyes on.

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And marriage has the amazing ability to take all that you hoped remained hidden, and put it on stage for a nationally televised interview that your in-laws will be watching. Begin to ditch those bags now.

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Marriage is budgets, laundry, broken toilets, work, weddings, funerals, births, and everything in between. Because marriage is built on a million more mundane moments than magical. How do you envision marriage after 10 years? At the end of the day, you have two choices in love — one is to accept someone just as they are and the other is to walk away. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again.

15 Questions You Need to Ask When Dating

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